Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Stop in Tabor

Our route to Prague took us almost due north from where we crossed the Czech-Austrian borber, cycling via small rural villages, large farming fields and one nuclear power station. Two days south of Prague we spent a night in Tarbor, a town I knew nothing about before we arrived, but quickly it became one of my favourites of the trip.

Town planning in Tarbor seems to have only two requiremants. The first being that streets and buildings must contain the minimum number of right angles to prevent them collapsing. Secondly, any building butted up against another must be totally different from the one next to it. The rusult is a crazy mishmash of lanes, arches, coulors and styles that give the town so much character.

Oh, and our ride into Tabor took us past the Czech Republic's version of Springfield. The road ran so close to the plant that we could see and hear the water running down the cooling towers as we cycled past. Hmmm....

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niallniallorangepeel said...

Well you now have an excuse for any off days in training - it's the radiation sickness.
I've started moving - ugh, I'm already sick of carrying stuff (and newsprint). Still, I've discovered there's a sushi train about 100m from my new place.
There's also what I reckon is an 18m pool in the complex - just long enough to train in, but still short enough to be annoying.