Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hrvatska Highlights

Hire boats in the bay at Jelsa.

Lambaba on the island of Korcula is an old greek settlement. We spent two nights camped in a woman´s garden (it´s okay, we gave her money). Who knows how old these ruins are?

This is a shot Jane took that I really like. We had two hours to wait in Makaska for the ferry to Brac, so.... we went for a swim. Those mountains behind are about 1700m high.

Same day as above, a few hours later. Brac ain´t flat and it was around 40 degrees. This view is back to the mainland.

Famous Zlatni Rat with more islands and mountains in the background. I thought I would get up early, but slept in and wasn´t on the beach until 8am. Turns out Craotians don´t do early mornings and I had the entire beach to myself. Swam and took some pics before anyone esle turned up. Fantastic!

Croatia treated us very well, and every day could be counted as a highlight. For some things we only have our memories ( like our wonderful dinner with the Danes in Sutivan on the Island of Brac) but here are a few moments I did manage to snap.

Above: The town of Bol on the island of Brac with Zlatni Rat pointing out. The climb took us and hour and this was taken about halfway up. If someone tells you the islands of Croatia are flat, they haven't been there.

Below: Details from one of the collumns in the old church in Porec in Istria. Very old and very impressive.

Pula, on the tip of Istria has the 6th largest collusium in the world and is much more intact than the one in Rome. It is still used for concerts today. This shot of the town church taken from the inside through one of the arches.

Sunset Cres style.

The harbour at Sutivan. A great little town on the Island of Brac made special by out Kayak guide Jaka and dinner with the Danes.

The old church at Sutivan taken from a bove the town. The mainland just south of Split in the background.

We were treated to some great sunsets. This one one the mainland coast north of Split.

Our last morning on the islands included a climb to the top of Cres, before dropping down to the ferry and onto Istria. It was early and as I took this 5 or 6 Condors (who are protected on the island) took off from the tree just below me. A brilliant moment!

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