Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We left the grey skies of London for the grey skies of Oxford where our friends Gillian and David have chosen to do a stint in the UK.

David has pulled and IT job at the uni, but rather than settle down in a houndstooth jacket with elbow pads, he went out and purchased a Porsche Boxster to whip down those lovely english country lanes. Those who know me well will appeciate my joy as we roared down to Sainsbury's for a bottle of wine, with 2.5 litres of Stuttgart engineering revving with sweet precision behind my head.

Besides being hosts of the highest order (yes, that's right David and Gillian were both awarded HOHOs from the Queen) we toured the house and grounds of near by Blenheim Palace.

You have to admire the people of Oxford. As many know, it is the setting for the Harry Potter films, but rather than just let all those props go to waste, they have created a fully functioning university. Now the place is thriving with students and books and everything. Amazing!

Blenheim Palace. Not your average student digs.