Saturday, August 4, 2007

Slovinian Summary

Our trip has changed more than once, and thanks to our Slovinian kayaking guide Jaka way back on Brac, we decided to see a bit more of Slovenia. Thank's Jaka. Slovenia may come out as the "surprise" of the trip. Above is one of out first good looks at the Julian Range. We got a very good look a day our two later.....

We followed what they call the Emerald Route (named after the colour of the river) up the valley for a few days.

But you can´t dodge ém forever. This is what faced us the moring leaving Borec. Looks kind of narrow, maybe the road goes up a bit.....

Earlier on. Slovinia has good wine and some beautiful old churches. Sometimes they combine the two.

Isola on the Slovinian coast. Could be in Croatia, could be in Italy, but no, it's in Slovenia.

The Slovenian coast, vines, sea and mountains.

You can only avoid the hills for so long. Here Janey enjoys the valley out of Tolmin. The next day we had more of a "top view" of Slovenia.

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