Friday, August 10, 2007

Krispy Crumbly

My Czech is not the greatest, and with many place names having very similiar spellings, I have resorted to getting a little creative. This tends to work fine for me when I am reading a map or trying to differentiate between places on a road sign. However, when we meet another traveller and I tell them we are going to say, Krispy Crumbly, it has resulted in more than one quizzical look.

Having climbed out of the town of Linz on the Danube and over the Czech border, we followed the Vltava river due north for the town of Krispy Crumbly, AKA Cesky Krumlov. We were both surprised by how quickly and dramatically the architecture and scenery changed once we crossed into the Czech Republic.

It was a great day's ride and we camped about a kilometre from the town centre. We headed in later to explore and have dinner and were treated to one of the meals of the trip - mine goulash and dumplings and Jane's roast duck with red cabbage and apple and dumplings. I had a fairly grim preconception of what Czech food would be like, and a traditional mean is not going to get a Heart Foundation tick, but I have really enjoyed it.

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