Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Make Haste for Lemon Land

Our Tuscan meanderings had set us back a few extra days so it was time to peel of some fast coastal kilometres to catch up with Donna and Melissa in Lemon Land, aka the Amalfi coast.

Okay, forget what you have seen about cruising with the jet set on the Almalfi coast. Sure the scenery is mind bogglingly beautiful and the sea a special kind of blue, and the corners weave in and out so tight that the buses have to do 3 point turns to get around them. And yes, you could drop anchor off Positano and sit on the deck of your $50 000 000 yacht to contemplate the NASDAQ, but you'd be missing the whole point.

The Almalfi is about lemons. No ordinary lemons, but BIG Lemons. You eat 'em, drink 'em, dip in chocolate, and stack 'em on top of donkeys and cart 'em up and down the hills.

Of course you can always just go the the beach and bob up and down in the sea.


niallniallorangepeel said...

Did i ever tell you you give great photo?

Melissa Butcher said...

Geoff, you're leaving out the bit about the Italian fellas! Much sweeter than the lemons ;-)