Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving Tuscany for the Lakes of Lazio

After weaving up and down and in and out and up and down in Toscana for two weeks it was time to make find that all roads do in deed lead to Rome.

Instead of staying right in the heart of the ancient empire, we camped by a Lake Bracciano, an easy hour's train ride to down town Roma.

Roma was... HOT. We usually cracked around 3pm when we would head back to our humble tent by the lake to bob up and down in the water for the rest of the afternoon.

Highlights were a tour of the Vatican musuem and the Sistine Chapel. Just quietly, the Pope and his crew have quite a few nice bits of art. Seriously, you do have to credit the Popes around the 1500's, they loved their art and made sure it was preserved, and for that I am grateful.

As it turned out the young sculptor who created our mate Davo, wasn't too bad at drawing on walls and ceilings either. A few people were out to see him fail and boy were they dissapointed. I'll go out on a limb and say that Mikey's blue wall behind the altar (painted much later) is a more impressive piece of work than the ceiling, but both jaw droppingly beautiful.

Fast track a couple of centuries and the Trevi Fountain (for some reason they call blokes named Trevor "Trevi" here) fountain is worth a look.

All roads may lead to Rome, and if you do find yourself cruising down one of them, make sure you detour to cool your heels in the Lakes of Lazio.

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