Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guest Book

That's PB's head blocking out most of the Low Isles on our recent trip with our latest guest. PB's arrival coincided with a change in the winds. The sou' easters fell away and the humidity cranked up. You can feel the wet building, but the lack of wind means it's a great time to be on the reef.

Marion and Susan were first to take up the offer of a place to stay in Port Douglas and it was great to see them in FNQ. The weekend coincided with Marion's birthday and we celebrated on Friday night with a slap up dinner at Salsa. Pleased to say Port turned of plenty of sunshine for our first guests.

Jen Baker joined us for a long weekend in October. As well as taking Janey on a shopping spree for Port summer attire, Jen joined us for a sail and snorkel on the Low Isles.

Mum and Ted made the trip north in Early October and after a wet start cracked some great weather. Highlights of their stay were a trip on the inlet on the Lady Douglas, prawns on the bbq and a great sunset picnic in the park. I should also mention the shark coming right into shore during one of our early morning walks. Well spotted Mum!

We have also had the pleasure of Phil (aka Pipi) and Donna and Simon's company so far. It's been great that so many people have taken time out to come up and see us. We've enjoyed every minute.

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