Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off We Go Again

It's only June, but that's enough cold for us. After spending most of last year's southern winter cycling, swimming and eating our way through Italy and Croatia, we have again decided to chase the sun.

As much as we loved skipping winter, we did miss our family and friends, so this time we are veturing a mere 3000km to far noth Queensland. The aim is to combine warm weather and friends by finding jobs and a place to live in the Cairns region, then encouraging you all to make the trip up to hang out, soak up some sun and bob about on the reef.

Unlike our last adventure, bicycles will not play a major part. Instead we will be revving up the old Magna, plugging FNQ into the GPS (yeah right, it doesn't even have a CD player) and buckling up for a road trip that should take the best part of a week.

At this stage we have two week's accomodation booked in Port Douglas and we will use that time to look for work and somewhere to live. Living and working in Port is our blue sky plan, but job opportunities could be fairly limited. No offence to the fair people of Cairns, but we aren't overly keen on living there, but we are open to working in town and living just to the north in Trinity Beach or Palm Cove.

Janey has had one or two leads for accounting contracts and I have been putting the word out to local gyms and fitness centres. If it turns out that we can't find work we will make our way slowly back down the coast and maybe pick up work along the way. If we can not find anything at all, we will return home having had a break, some sun and hopefully another great adventure.

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