Monday, September 10, 2007


From bustling Brissle we boarded a puddle jumper to Dublin to see our dear friend Melissa. Having dropped over to spend some time with us on the Amalfi, it was only fair that we return the visit. Melissa is our favourite brainiac and is currently teaching the good students of Trinity College the finer points of globilisation.

The inner sanctum of Trinity College.
You feel 10 IQ points smarter just walking into the quad!

It was great to see Melissa and check out Dubbers. As well as a day trip into the nearby hills, we we given a insider's tour of Trinity's hollowed halls. We were even treated to tea in the staff room. Woo hoo!!

Dublin had all the feel of a city very much on the up. Busy, thriving and diverse. And to a first timer like myself, it felt more European than English.

We celebrated our last night with a wonderful dinner in the nearby fishing point of Howth. Thank you Melissa for showing us your current home and giving up your very comfy bed for 4 nights. Great to see you as always.

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Melissa Butcher said...

Janey, i've got noone to do my washing up now! come back!!